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QuranEdu Silver Membership - Cost Two Dollars ($2) for Month. Members get access to Download Files and Books. Post on Wall, Chat, join live events and upload mp3 lectures. Please Upgrade Membership to activate More Features.







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QuranEdu Full Membership: All the Features Included - Full Access to Entire Site (UPLOAD: Islamic Books, Audio and Video Content from you Profile Page)- Members Can Create Their Own Personal Profile, Blogs, Groups, Forums & Add Islamic Sites. Enable you to interact with Friends through Video Chat or Broadcast Live Events / Lectures and Classes to the Muslim Ummah. Unlimited access to Downloads and Uploads from Islamic Libraries. QuranEdu Membership fees is $4 per month. Membership fees is minimal to prevent spammers. All the Membership fees will be used as donation to improve QuranEdu Islamic Social Network and to maintain the site.

JazakAllah Khayr.

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Muslims Ummah Community Site

Welcome to Islamic Institute of Education at QuranEdu.com, one of the best Quran Learning program over the net. The main aim of our online service is to make it possible to learn the Holy Quran and the knowledge of Islam.

QuranEdu brings you Islamic Social Network. This network is designed to bring Muslims from all over the world on one platform to share the knowledge of Islam and Hadith. QuranEdu is trying to provide the best Muslim Social Network. We are integrating Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and with enhanced capability for video chat and messaging with members. This will enhance your opportunity to bring live Islamic Lectures and Islamic Contents to millions of Muslims for around the World.

QuranEdu - Social Network Muslim Ummah Community Building Site is a social networking service that allows members to create unique personal profiles online in order to communicate with friends. You can create Articles, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Upload - Files, Mp3's Albums, Video Albums, and even Photo Albums from your Profile. You can customize your preferences with ability to share your profile and content with the World or only QuranEdu Members; or Isolate your content to your Friends Circle or Keep it Personal and Private through our advance setting.

The service is operated by QuranEdu - Social Network Muslim Ummah Community Building Site. By using the QuranEdu - Social Network Muslim Ummah Community Building Site Website you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (this "Agreement"), whether or not you register as a member ("Member"). If you wish to become a Member, communicate with other Members and make use of the QuranEdu - Social Network Muslim Ummah Community Building Site services (the "Service"), please read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance by following the instructions in the Registration process.

Please read our Terms of Use (CLICK HERE).

QuranEdu is open to business or website willing to advertise on our Social Network.  Please send us an e-mail at Advertise@QuranEdu.com for more information and details.

JazakAllah Khair

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