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917 days ago 1 comments From: QuranEdu Categories: Seerat-un-Nabi   Tags: biography prophet muhammadp.b.u.h — BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET MUHAMMADP.B.U.H Civilisations of Pre-Islamic EraQuraysh and ArabiaLineage Link and Birth of MuhammadP.B.U.HLeague of the JustMuhammadP.B.U.H as Amin and TrustworthyMarriageThe CallRepercussions by the QurayshSome Important ConversionsQuraysh DelegationFirst Migration and Contribution of the CompanionsSocial Boycott and Life in Sha’ib Abi TalibMigration to Ta’if and the Bitter ExperienceAscensionOaths of AqabahMigrationMadinah and Changing of QiblaFirst ConstitutionEarly Tribal AffiliationsMonth of HaramBattle of BadrClemency Towards the Captives   SlaverySome Aftermath’s of BadrExpulsion of Jews from MadinahBattle of UhudIntrigues of Jews and MunafeqeenEconomic Blockade of MadinahBattle of the MoatDenial for Pilgrimage of MakkahOath of Allegiance to ProphetP.B.U.HAccord of HudaybiyyahBattle of KhaybarUmrah of the Holy ProphetP.B.U.HBattle of MutahViolation of Truce and Massacre of Banu Khazai  Conquest of MakkahPardons for MakkansBattle of HunaynMuhammadP.B.U.H as Religious, Political and Military LeaderFreedom of Religion for Christians and JewsPolygamyLast Sermon of the ProphetP.B.U.HIllness of the ProphetP.B.U.HLast Battle of the ProphetP.B.U.HDemise of the ProphetP.B.U.H

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